Cork Deaf Enterprises

Cork Deaf Enterprises which has been providing training and employment to Cork’s Deaf community for the last 28 years has changed a lot since it was founded back then by Fr. Bill Clarke. It was set up to tackle the high rates of unemployment among Cork’s Deaf community but has been involved in many different schemes through its history, including:

  • Workshop launched in 1988 for Re-upholstery, Sewing, French Polishing and Furniture Manufacturing and restoration.
  • Training approved by FÁS in 1989.
  • Charitable status and incorporation as a limited company in 1989.
  • Sign-Language and English are used for communication in the workshop.
  • Over 100 deaf people have taken part in the employment, training and work experience initiatives of the company since they began and most of these have gone on to work elsewhere.
  • At present there are ten people working in the company.
  • New showroom opened on 6th July 1998.
  • New offices opened in January 2000 for the organisations own administration and to offer secretarial services to the locality.
  • Four EU Horizon projects successfully completed:
    1. Furniture Manufacturing
    2. Motor School for deaf people
    3. Ten sign-language interpreters and three tutors trained to Diploma level.
    4. Jobnet Consortium – participation of disabled people in the workforce.

Their fundraising goes towards further developments and to improve their facilities for the future. Your support is very much welcome and appreciated.