Pieta House

Around 500 people per year die by suicide in Ireland – nearly three times the number of fatalities on Irish roads.  Pieta House works with people and communities in crisis, helping them through their most difficult times. We provide one to one counselling to people experiencing suicide ideation or engaging in self-harm. All of our counselling is provided free of charge, by accredited therapists and without the need for medical referral or prior psychiatric evaluation.

We work with clients to replace their reasons for dying with reasons for living and to help move them from a place of self-harm to one of self-care. We also work with our client’s support network (family, friends, partners and health care providers) so they understand, and know how to help, the client on their journey to personal stability.

To date, we have helped over 30,000 clients. That’s 30,000 lives changed, bettered and saved. And we’re not done yet.

Ireland still has one of the highest overall suicide rates among young women and men. Rates of suicide and self-harm in Cork are some of the highest in Ireland. In 2015, Pieta House Cork supported nearly 800 clients, over half of which were aged 24 or under. To date in 2016, our Cork centre has supported 700 clients, 55% of which are aged 24 or under. There is a clear need for a preventative and supportive approach to addressing suicide and self-harm in Cork. Pieta House is ready and willing to play its part.

The first step in a client’s treatment with Pieta House is an assessment of their situation. This 1 hour session costs around 100 euros to provide and is a prerequisite for treatment.

Clients then move on to one to one counselling sessions which are made available as frequently as required. On average clients complete their treatment with Pieta House in 10 sessions, costing approximately 1,000 euro. This includes a closure session and all related admin work.