Cork University Business School

CUBS is the new Business School of University College Cork and builds on over 100 years of business education at UCC.  Graduates are to be found in all areas of business, both nationally and internationally, with many achieving the top position in their organisations.

The Business School offers a broad range of undergraduate, postgraduate and post-experience courses which are developed to address the needs of those looking for high quality business education, knowledge and research. Its mission is to deliver world-class, research-led education in business and aims to achieve this through creating a stimulating, critical, creative, challenging and rewarding learning environment for all our students. The extensive range of business degrees currently provided reflects a response to both student and market demands and is as a result of extensive collaboration with past graduates and businesses in both the local and national economy.

The breadth and depth of study available in the diverse disciplines within the Business School is a great strength. At both the undergraduate and postgraduate level, a feature of the courses is that students must undertake core subjects in business disciplines which provide them with the foundations for their specialised choices. Work placement is an integral part of all our undergraduate programmes and students also have opportunities to study abroad in one of the schools many international partner institutions.

The Cork University Business School UCC is committed to enhancing the knowledge and practice of business. Teaching goals include a commitment to innovation, excellence and continuous learning.