Certificate in Contemporary Living – UCC

The Certificate in Contemporary Living (CCL) in UCC is a two year education programme for people with intellectual disabilities designed for delivery in a third level education setting.  The course focuses on helping students develop strategic skills to promote self-reliance and independence and increased participation in society.  The Certificate in Contemporary Living seeks to support individuals with intellectual disabilities in developing core skills required for participation in contemporary society and to do so in a way which promotes lifelong learning and inclusion in a third level environment.

Specific learning objectives include:

  • The enhancement of literacy skills for effective communication in everyday life.
  • The enhancement of skills required to effectively use current technologies to access information available in electronic format.
  • The enhancement of interpersonal skills necessary for self-determination and community participation, including personalised planning and self advocacy skills.
  • The enhancement of applied mathematical skills including money management, budgeting and time management.
  • The enhancement of understanding of Irish lifestyle and culture and its similarities and differences to other countries.
  • The development/enhancement of applied work skills in a work placement setting.
  • The application of the literacy, mathematical, communication, employment, self reflection and cultural appreciation skills necessary for contemporary living.